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How can I become your member?

Sign up by clicking "Register" at the upper right corner of our homepage. You can sign up with any email address.

What are the benefits as a member?

Enjoy up to 5% price off for each order if you login your member account when you place orders from our site.

Buy some certain goods with points on our site. Please view details in the Member Shop.

Save your money before checking out by using points. The Point-cash rate is shown on the table below.

How to earn points?

Earn 50 points when you register on our site.

Each consumption on our site can be converted to points. The points will be automatically added to your member account when the order finished.
1 USD=1.0 point ; 1 EUR=1.2 points ; 1 GBP=1.3 points

How to exchange certain goods with Points?

Step1. Visit Member Shop.

Step2. Select Game and Type.

Step3. Choose the goods you want to buy and Click Exchange Now.

Step4. Fill in your detailed information and Click Take it.

Step5. We will send the goods to you as soon as possible.

What are the ranks of member?

All members are divided into 5 ranks according to the points: Junior Member; Standard Member; Senior Member; Platinum Member; VIP Member.

Member Rank ICON Points Rank Points exchange rules
Junior Member Gray star 0≤ Present points < 300 60P=1usd
Standard Member Green star 300≤ Present points < 800 50P=1usd
Senior Member Blue Star 800≤ Present points < 1500 45P=1usd
Platinum Member Purple star 1500≤ Present points < 3000 40P=1usd
VIP Member Yellow star Present points > 3000 35P=1usd

Tip: Please login your member account before placing the order. If you have placed the order but not login, the points will not be added to your member account any more!

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